Finding a job with an employer that is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community is important whether you identify as LGBTQ or want to work for a company that prioritizes equality.  Searching for an LGBTQ friendly employer can be challenging. Some job seekers find that employers don’t practice what they preach. To make an informed decision, you should ask hard questions to ensure you can bring your authentic self to work 

While you can ask a potential employer outright whether they are LGBTQ friendly, a little investigation of your own will likely reveal the company’s true stance. If they genuinely are inclusive, you should come away with positive answers to the following four questions: 

What language do they use? 

Do your research! Review companies’ websites, publications (press releases, articles), social media, and job descriptions thoroughly. Are they using gender-specific terminology or statements? Seek out employers that are specifically highlighting their commitment to inclusion and diversity on their website. This could be in the form of written statements or “Diversity” or “Inclusion” sections that clearly explain their commitment to hiring and supporting a diverse workforce. 

Do they have a comprehensive DE&I statement and related policies? 

Many employers have dedicated EDI sections on their websites outlining what they do to ensure they are both diverse and inclusive. How easy is it to locate this information, and how accessible is the content?  

What does their LGBTQ+ social media presence look like? 

Check all the company’s social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) to get a feel for its LGBTQ presence. Many employers host campaigns and engagements to seem LGBTQ friendly during LGBTQ History Month and Pride Month, but what does their engagement look like the rest of the year? Look for employers who celebrate and empower their LGBTQ employees year-round. 

What do current employees say? 

There is no better resource for determining a company’s true culture than that of a current employee. Connect with current employees to help you better understand the experiences of LGBTQ staff. Is there an internal culture where inclusion is spoken about openly? Who drives their LGBTQ initiatives? (i.e., employees, allies, management)? Do they have any employee resource groups? From their responses, do you get the sense that you will not only be accepted but that you can contribute to building an inclusive workplace? 

Finding an LGBTQ Friendly Employer 

Navigating the job search can be complicated for individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. However, by asking strategic questions and targeting inclusive employers, you can find a LGBTQ friendly work environment where you can be your whole self. 

Nicole Garza
Nicole Garza

Nicole Garza is Atrium's Recruitment Marketing Manager. As a result of her 10+ years of experience, she has a constant pulse on the latest hiring trends and candidate attraction strategies.